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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Am...

Radiohead (via dailypost-its)

I am...
Hesitant. Doubting. Confused.
Nostalgic (to say the least). Easily distracted.
Open to suggestions.. but very stubborn.

I am...
Sweet uncertainty.
A mess of contradictions.
The epitome of everything I've ever found impressionable.
A dreamer, a wishful thinker, an optimist.

I am...
Full of passion, ideas, beliefs.
Searching for morality in a corrupt society.
Constantly struggling between right and wrong.
Making mistakes & learning lessons on a daily basis.

I am...
Someone's biggest mistake.
Someone's saving grace.
Someone's absolute letdown.

I am...
The girl who shattered some guy's heart.
The same girl who glued her own heart back together again... Several times.
An ex-best friend, a failed acquaintanceship, a forgotten mark.
A closet romance. A secret affair.

I am...
A best friend. A big sister. A cousin.
A niece. A daughter and granddaughter.
A beautiful memory in someone's heart.
That silly friend from way back when.
A sis/mama to the pups.

I am...
He is mine.
I am the absolute love of his life..
Right where I want to be.

I am...
Taking life as it comes to me, day by day.
Doing my best to be extraordinary.
Living. Breathing. Loving.
Content with the person that I have become over time.
Grateful for every blessing that I have.

I am just another girl on this whirl-wind ride called life.
Honestly, I'm just trying to figure it all out.

And you know what? I am absolutely, 100% alright with that.

Who are you?

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