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Friday, May 1, 2009

Click, Click..

Delete. Erase. White-out. Remove.


If that were an assignment or something I spent a deal of time writing, being erased would be absolutely horrific. Like that time last year when I accidentally hit "yes" when my phone wanted to "delete all saved messages?", and really, I had wanted to save them all forever.. I stared at my phone with my mouth open, in shock, for probably ten minutes. That was bad.

This time, though? This "deletion" felt mighty good. Extremely overdue. So easy.

Click, click, click. Check. Delete? Yes. Deleted.

Sigh of relief.

(I'm getting good at this whole "de-stressing" thing!)


Lorelle said...

I just made a 103 slide powerpoint, when to quit it and and hit "no" when it asked me if I wanted to save it....

*mental breakdon*

carissarose. said...

Oh no, Kels... That's the AWFUL kind of deleting that I was talking about... Not good at all!! I know the feeling, though.. :-/