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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

People Never Change.

Sure, it's easy to say we can change..
Just as easy as the way we can change our appearances, our moods, our outfits, or our views on life.
It's not hard to act like a new person, or even to truly believe you have come a long way.

The truth is, when the going gets tough, our real character shows through.
Because when we are skating on thin ice, when our backs are up against walls, and when we feel tested and belittled,
those are the moments when we stop trying to be anything other than the people we always were.

No masks. No facades. No face-paint.
No pretty little exterior with the white-picket fences.

When the spotlight is burning directly in our faces, blinding our eyes,
we stop trying to change. We stop pretending we don't care.
Those are the moments in life when our true characters are defined and displayed.

Change... If you say it enough, (as with any word), it begins to feel foreign in your mouth. A funny word with little meaning. Totally contradicting the real definition.

Contradictions and "changes" go hand-in-hand.

Second chances are meant to reward changes, whether in action, relationships, or any other aspect of our lives.
Second chances are often given to hastily.


If you can't believe in change, then why even consider giving a second chance?

Stick that in your pipe & smoke it.

Monday, August 11, 2008


But.. is that really the truth?
Sometimes, it seems that it is..
Though we are taught that we shouldn't hide the pain.

It's so confusing, right??

In all reality, the expression of strength relies mainly on the gravity or differing of every situation we encounter in our lives. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to keep things to ourselves; to try our best to put the situation behind us and leave it in the past where it belongs. On the other hand, there are times in our lives where bottling up emotions and trying to mask our pain becomes too much to handle, and we learn to open up about those experiences and use them as a learning guide to help guide us forward.

Don't let society or anyone else tell you what YOU need. The only person who could honestly know you well enough to determine the ways that you live your life is yourself. You. The person staring back from the reflection in the mirror that hangs in your bathroom. The only person who knows every little detail about your heart, soul, mind, past and present. Don't ever let anyone's advice deter you from that of your own heart.

Strength comes in many forms.
Strength comes to those who make the effort to find it.

Strength isn't by any means easy to have or to use. It takes determination, confidence and will-power. It takes the attitude of an optimist. It takes more than an "I need.." attitude; rather, it requires the whole "I believe and I CAN.." state of mind. Strength is nothing more than the will to succeed/live/dream/become, hidden between eight simple letters.

Take it how you want it.
Use it in a way that will better your life.

Never doubt the power of emotional strength.

Believe me..
It's every bit as promising and rewarding as you want it to be.
All it takes is YOU.


This song chokes me up every time I hear it..
It's beautiful. It's easy to relate to. It's wrong. But it's so true.