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Saturday, June 21, 2008


and if you cry out loud, it'll only make me feel too good.

I'll move the knife to show you of my cut
with worst of truth from here I drew no blood.
So you're not as real just what I thought up..
You’re just a page I’ll burn from a book
That has nothing to show.

Good times for a change,
See the luck i've had
Would make a good man turn bad.
So please please please
Let me let me let me
Let me get what i want
This time.
Haven't had a dream in a long time.
See, the life i've had would make a good man bad..
So for once in my life,
Let me get what i want.
Lord knows it would be the first time.

i need something i want to be close to and i scream, but i still don't know why i do it.
because the sound never stays it just swells and decay.
sso what is the point? why try to fight what is now so certain?
the truth is all that i am is a passing event that will be forgotten.
-bright eyes-

touch, lying on the floor, wishing this could last
but knowing that it can't, and soon you will leave,
and i will be on the floor, watching the tv,
trying hard to find a reason to move.
i'm frozen in one place, staring at the screen,
listening to the rain falling on the street.
some days go on too long.
and there is nothing more i want than just one night
that's free of doubt and sadness.
one night that i can really feel.
-bright eyes-

and me, i'm in the bathroom crying out my eyelids,
because it's hard to be a [wo]man when you are scared like a little kid.
the world has become a little too mean, and i can't see the point of patient love,
when everyone just wants to get fucked.
-bright eyes-

and this is the sound of the hopeless ones
as they stare down at their books, and realize they have been lied to.
but if this is real, then i was mistaken, and the vision fades as quickly as it came.
consistency like that which i have craved is that people change so unexpectedly,
and realization finds you in a drunken airport.. some planes depart and others never arrived.
so with this in mind, i don't plan on waiting.
-bright eyes-

It will be blessed by her eyes on the gulf coast of Florida.
With her feet in the sand and one hand on her swimsuit, she will recite the prayer of my pen.
Saying, '...time take us forward. Relief from this longing.'
-bright eyes-

And now I've read some books and I've grown quite brave.
If I could just speak up, I think I would say that there is no truth.
There is only you and what you make the truth.
-bright eyes-

I could do good with some explaining. You know. I want to understand.
-bright eyes-

You made my head ache.
You were that great, but now you're gone and life is wonderful.
There is no singing. There is no swinging too.
There is no dancing. There is no missing you.
-bright eyes-

but like a dream, you disappeared
without a sound, without a trace..
even if I knew what to say to you,
it's just to late to make you stay.
I'm sick of fighting this broken fate.
-daphne loves derby-

those nights disappeared like words written in the sand,
and we think it makes us better off
and then we laughed about the loss,
but there's a thousand miles of pavement between you and I.
I'd drive another hour just to get me home tonight,
but you don't have the eyes to see.
-halfway home-

it was a big mistake to let me memorize your face.

Princess, rest.
We’ll talk in our sleep, but I wouldn’t dare to sit too close.
I can’t be your prince.
-envy on the coast-

You're nothing but a cocktail hour with an open bar,
and the dance floor is begging for your feet.
-envy on the coast-

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