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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Still not fully up to par...

I'm worried it's a virus or something lame like that.


I feel much better in spirit.
No more dealing with things that are silly & trite,
things that aren't worth wasting time on,
or things i'll stress and lose sleep over.

I already lose enough sleep as it stands.
(I don't need any unwelcome contributions)

That said, I dropped a class I was stressing over..
That eliminated a bunch of unnecessary worrying.

& don't get me wrong, I love people.. (Really, I do)
I just hate juvenile, petty bullshit and drama.
If you have a problem or something,
tell me.

Games are stupid,
"He said..", "She said..." is immature.
And being sketchy? That's just weird in itself.

I'll stop caring again.. It was easy before,
and I've been (almost) stress-free for a good year now, NOT caring about things..

Can I just say that not caring helps?
I'm laid-back and I don't buy into bullshit.
It's probably the best way to be in life.

Eliminating unwanted stress... NOW.
Cutting the wild-goose chases out... NOW.
Cue to exit your scene... NOW.

I'm going back to NOT caring.


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