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Monday, February 11, 2008


Let's be all sorts of honest right now,
and throw things out on the table.

Let's vent.
Get things off our chests.
Be up front and truthful.

I'm willing to... Why aren't you???


Here goes nothing:

Lately I've been a 24/7, over-analytical, pissy bitch..
If you haven't noticed it, consider yourself few and far between,
and most DEFINITELY a lucky one.

Everyone and everything has (most likely) annoyed the hell out of me,
and I'm sure that a good half of the people I've taken it out on didn't deserve it in the least.

With that said, the other half definitely DID deserve every bit of it,
and people who continue to make me stress out on a regular basis don't deserve my time of day.
Stop wasting my time..
I'm not wasting any more energy or thought on people like that.

Although, HONESTLY, in all reality, I'm kind of glad I've been so irritable (well, in a way),
because I don't hold back from saying what I'm really feeling when I 'm this grumpy.
Which, by the way, is never.. (if you know me, you know that.)

But, for the other people who've had to endure my attitude...

My deepest apologies.

I haven't been this moody and stressed out in over a year and a half...
and the closest I've been has only lasted maybe a day or two.
Nothing over a week, and nothing this easily reflected on the people around me.
Never am I grumpy and lonely to THIS extent,
or bitter and stubborn toward people who end up playing games with me.

Truth's out.
I don't feel better, but it's okay.

That being said,

I don't know what's wrong with me these days.

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