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Sunday, July 6, 2008


"Jump in headfirst, who cares if it hurts?"

I am a nerd when it comes to writing.
On the flip-side, I'm anti-school, and pro-procrastination.
Believe me... The two go hand-in-hand better than peanut butter & jelly on bread.
That's saying A LOT.

I put off a 2,000+ word research paper until the day it is due.
Currently, I am hardly 1,000 words deep, and I have less than 1.5 hours to finish,
before I miss the submission deadline.

Am I stressing?


I'm clearly insane, right?
I'm a slacker; I must not care if I don't make it, correct?


I get on tangents.
When I get rambling, I get excited.
The only thing standing in my way is the jumble of thoughts in my head,
and the uncertainty of what to put where, and what to replace with which words.

Needless to say, my mind is racing.
I thought of a billion fantastic things to write for my research paper,
and i'm bursting at the thought of how fabulous it all will tie in...

I just seem to be having trouble focusing on it.
Blogs, comments, emails, music, lyrics...
ADD is getting the best of me right now.

Yet I'm still gaining my composure.
I've never really been one to TRULY stress over school..
Not in anything except for tests, that is.

I'm sitting at my desk, stoked on a research paper about cloning.
What kind of freak am I, really!?

Please don't answer that.


"It's how disaster makes me smile. The thought strikes as nice once in a while. One more connection cut off by affection. One tank short on gas, one bullet built to crash. These broken lungs have little air left, if some. The cause and effect is as simple as a car wreck."

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