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Friday, July 4, 2008


One year ago, on July 1st, we lost a brave soldier in Baghdad...
He was 20 years old, in a foreign country, representing and protecting the rights and freedom of all of us here in the United States.

Anyone who grew up with or knew Jonathan was indeed privileged...
It is with the highest honor and respect that we remember people like Jon this week, and especially on this day... A day when we celebrate our freedom.

Without brave people like Jon, who have fought for our rights and freedom for hundreds of years, we wouldn't be here today lighting fireworks, grilling by poolside, or drinking beers with our closest friends.... We wouldn't be celebrating freedom, liberty and justice. We wouldn't know the meaning of "independence".

So everyone, on this great day, when you are 'cheers!'ing your friends, soaking up the sun, and watching beautiful fireworks displays, PLEASE take a moment to truly know and appreciate the reason we are able to do all of it. Remember your soldiers, who are overseas serving and defending this great nation. Remember the lives of those we have lost in duty. Let this day be not just a celebration of our freedom, but also, a celebration of the wonderful men and women who work to keep that freedom for us, day in and out.

Happy Fourth of July. <3

RIP Jonathan Michael Rossi (07/01/2007)

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