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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Old Gem.

You should never try to erase the past...
Without it, you wouldn't be who you are today.
The past shapes us for who we need to be in the future.
Everything - good or bad - had significance.
It's impossible to actually "erase" the past..
But why would you want to?
No matter how much pain there may have been,
& no matter how many tears we may have cried,
it was all necessary for building ourselves into men and women.
For strengthening our souls, our hearts, and our will to live.
People come and go throughout our lives,
Some of them very dear to us.
These are the people who, no matter how badly they may hurt you,
you will never forget.
You should never, ever try to forget them..
Because, at one time, they were exactly what you wanted.
They helped you to grow, to learn, to trust, and to love.
But life throws curveballs,
& everything changes...
No matter how badly it hurts, & though we don't want to,
we still have to move on.
Living in the past will leave an empty void for the future...
One that will never be filled.
Without having the will to move forward,
we'd end up causing more pain to ourselves & those around us.
The past is full of trials and tests...
Every one of them was there to build part of our future.
Dwelling in memories puts all of those tests to waste.
It eliminates our chances to be happy & whole.
Sometimes, though,
People get too hurt by their past,
& try to erase everything.
But without those memories and reflections,
what is there to fall back on?
History is taught so that we don't repeat mistakes.
We learn from our mistakes, our trials, our past.
The past should never be forgotten..
Nor should it become our present.
Where some try to "eliminate" or "forget" memories,
others simply move on & start anew.
No one deserves to live in guilt or pity.
Everyone deserves to be happy, and to be loved.
We have memories so that we can look back and learn...
Look back and smile...
& sometimes, look back and cry.
But memories only go so far..
Life has more to offer than what meets the eye.

Today, go out and live.
Start over.
But don't regret.
Don't dwell,
but don't forget, either.
Live for today.
Find yourself.
Figure out life's plan for you.
Take what you've learned,
& use it to move forward.

I want to start over.

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