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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Listen UP.

I don't like to be viewed as "convenient".


I am NOT a convenience.

However, some people don't seem to get that.

For example:

"Car, you're so cool to talk to.... [when it's convenient for me]
"I miss you... [because I don't have anyone else to miss]
"Come over and hang out with me... [since I'm bored]


I'm not stupid.

I'm not your back-up plan. I'm not a distraction. I'm not the "side-girl", "side-friend", "side-attraction", when all else fails. I'm not the last resort.

If I'm any of that to anyone, they are nothing to me. From now on. End of story.

Because I'm sick of being there for people to vent to, laugh with, play emotion-games with... and then the minute I need anything in return, they aren't there. It's bullshit! and quite frankly, I'm too good for it.

Why don't people get that?!?!?!

(Side-note: CA in 9)

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