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Friday, March 7, 2008

Usual types.

It's truly sad and pathetic that getting hit on or having a guy ACT interested, usually signals to me immediately that:

(a) He's an asshole.
(b) He just wants to get laid, and doesn't REALLY care about me.
(c) He's either with someone already, or emotionally hung up on someone else.
(d) He'll be truly interested for a couple of weeks, flirt a ton, and then bail with no explanation.
(e) He's drunk and does it to everyone.

Why the HELL can't someone go crazy over me WITHOUT meeting any of the above-mentioned?!?

Just once I'd like to be the girl that someone is afraid to lose.
Just once I'd like to be on someone's mind all day.
Just once I'd like to be the reason someone falls asleep smiling, and then wakes up checking the phone for messages right away.
Just once I'd like to be the girl someone CAN'T lose interest in.
Just once I'd like to be the girl he WON'T cheat on, no matter what.
Just once I'd like to be the girl who isn't afraid of promises made, because they'll actually come true.
Just once I'd like to fall in love and not have it hurt like hell in the end.
Just once I'd like to know what trust is.
Just once.
Just so I could know what it all feels like.
Just so I don't always have to wonder.


I'm sick of the usual.

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