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Sunday, March 2, 2008

"This Is Your Message."

"I'd hold the sun up just to wake beside you
Imagine what you could see, if you just let yourself like me
Forget the incidents, thoughtless and abusing
Imagine what you could see, if you just let yourself like me

Cause I do
I was foolish to have thought I could catch you
Stupid to have ever liked you
And you're sly little smile
Curved the comforts I used to find
Drag me inside
I'm yours to use tonight."

But... Who are you?

I'm tired of looking,
and more tired of happening upon fakes.

Find me something real...
Or better yet,
just find me.

I'm here.
I'm waiting.
I'm often over-looked,
and great at pretending I'm better off.
I'm usually "better as a friend",
no one looks further than that.

I want the unattainable.


Does anything like that exist anymore,
or is this dreamer hopeless??

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