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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


"Someone else gets to tell you that you're beautiful.."

I find it distasteful and ironic that the most undeserving people tend to wind up with those rare, incredible people who we'd give anything to be with...

The people who warm our hearts, make us nervous and giddy, give us butterflies when they look our way; the people who we've searched for all of our lives, and when we finally meet them, we don't want to search for anyone else... Those people who are genuine, caring, romantic and real.

The only catch? They fall for the opposite type, whether it be an issue of familiarity or attraction, or maybe because they are so damn good-hearted that they try to see past the fake cover... all the while leaving the people like us broken and hurting, and wishing we were good enough (or maybe fake enough) to have them fall that hard for us...

The REAL deal. The deserving few. The ones who would give up anything just to make the other person smile, or to be supportive 24/7... The ones who would rush over in a heartbeat to make the other person soup when they get sick, or who would pick up and fly half-way around the world to surprise them when things have been rough. The "nice" people, who would never lie or cheat, who would always be a great friend...

Those are the people who get left behind and trampled on, all for someone fake and self-centered, who only comes back when it will benefit them... They don't care for the incredible people the way we do.. But they get to be the ones holding their hands and looking into their eyes, and lying in their arms at night, regardless... Even though people like us would absolutely kill to be them.

Irony's a cold-hearted bitch.

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