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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I never thought you would lie to me. Repeatedly.
I never thought you would watch me suffer & not care.
I never thought you would go back to people who screwed you over.
I never thought you would let your own father think such bad things about me.
I never IMAGINED you would let him try to put a restraining order on me.
I never thought you would put me down to the girl who truly screwed you over.
I never thought you would touch her again.. Especially not more than once.
I never thought you could watch me fall apart this badly & not do anything to stop it.
I never thought you would break so many promises.
I never thought you could be so heartless to watch me suffer and not care.
I never thought you would push me away in just two weeks.
I never thought you would share OUR bed with that slut.
I never thought you would EVER hurt me intentionally.
I never imagined I could feel so much pain.
I never thought I would be wishing I had never met you.
I never thought I would regret falling in love.

I never thought I could ever feel such resentment against you...
feel actual HATRED toward someone I loved with my entire heart.

I guess I should have thought things out a long time ago.. Maybe then I wouldn't have been fooled into believing I had something that I didn't.

I hope you wake up next to her nasty, slutty body every morning & remember waking up next to me...
I hope you go out everywhere with her & are completely miserable like you used to be.. & then remember all the fun we had.
I hope your friends ditch you all over again so you can remember who your real friend was.
I hope you listen to Mae & Brand New & Deathcab and remember everything, every time...
I hope you go out to eat with her & remember how much of a whiny bitch she is, and how easy it was just to make me smile.
I hope she annoys the crap out of you so that you can remember how much you hated being with her.. & then remember how compatible we were.
I hope she does something to really piss you off so then you'll realize that she's turned you against me, & maybe then you'll be sorry for putting me through this.
I hope that the next time you sleep with her, you think of all 13 other guys she has been with before & after you, and how openly trashy she is.
I hope you look into her eyes & feel disgusted with yourself.. & remember looking in mine and feeling so much love.
I hope that whenever you do get into trouble & your so-called "friends" aren't there, remember that I always would have been.
I hope you see things that remind you of me, since EVERYTHING I see reminds me of you, & I hope to God that you feel miserable.
I hope that you suffer the way I have.

I hope you realize that you screwed up... Even though I know you don't care.


I hope you miss me.

I never thought I could despise someone as much as I do you right now...
Thank you so much for proving me wrong.

I deserve to be happy.
I always thought you could do that for me..
I guess I was blind to the fact that everyone else in your life has more say in our relationship than you do.


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