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Saturday, October 20, 2007


"People are stupid and just want to be loved. That's the only reason anyone does anything."
(Grey's Anatomy)
Everybody makes mistakes. It's getting over them and moving on with life that takes time... and grief and stress... Often accompanied by a lot of tears and anguish. Unanswered questions. Soul-searching. Self-loathing. A wave of fresh, new mistakes. Learning. Accepting. Moving on. Forgetting.
Mistakes are the fundamentals, the learning blocks of life. Without them, how would we know how to handle ourselves in similar situations down the road? How else would we gain intelligence and understanding? It's the experiences in life and the mistakes that we make that build us into individuals, and make us into who we are. Mistakes are necessary. So, while it's easy to beat oneself up over something we regret... It's much healthier to see what went wrong, take it to heart, and consider it a lesson. Somewhere down the road, it will all be worth it. Every mistake that we make, and every poor decision or idea we made, will no longer be for nothing. Mistakes are the only way we know how much strength and courage we have... and how we'll use that later on down the road.
Mistakes. Regrets. Accidents. They're all part of life. Use them as learning tools... Or let them hold you down. The choice is simple. The act of doing so is difficult. But the end result... The end result is so worth it. I promise.
I need to get out of FL. I need to get on the road. I need to move to the other coast. I need many things.... Money comes first. Opportunities are key. Motivation is needed. Actions should be taken. I'm planning.

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