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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Is it safe to say that, while many people find solace in burying themselves in a hectic lifestyle, there are still so many of us living daily on pure memories alone?

Society groups together the majority of people as either strong or weak... Those who can forget hardships and move on with their lives, or those who are lost-causes that have no fight left, who are expected to self-destruct, or simply vanish.

But people tend to overlook the remaining few--the survivors. Those who rely on memories alone to pull them through each day and into the next... Who define true courage as the ability to get out of bed every morning, and then still be able to make it through an entire day. The dwellers who find it impossible to seek comfort in anything but living through their past experiences. Who are scared of change, because of the obvious impending affect it could have on the only remaining stability in their lives. Change means letting go of everything familiar and constant, to take a chance on something new, that we don't know anything about. It's risky. It scares the hell out of people who are used to consistency. For some people, letting go of the past is simply out of the question, because holding on is the only bright spot, the only ray of hope that comes from the darkness that otherwise surrounds their being.

Time may play tricks on the mind, but never on the heart.

We are fragile. We are scared. We are unsure of how to move forward.
We don't know where tomorrow will take us, nor do we know how to begin getting there.
We have no set destination in mind. It thrills & terrifies us. It motivates & also debilitates us.
Sometimes we feel insecure. Often, we seem lost. Most days we feel defeated.

But we're alive. We're still fighting. We may just be existing for now, but that may be the only thing we know how to do.

Let us.

(Change is hard... But sometimes, taking a chance may open your eyes to see just what you've been missing out on.)

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