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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Life is like a marvelous tapestry, woven with precision and experience; each, a masterpiece that differs greatly from the next. If we live too hastily, we are prone to making more mistakes and facing copious amounts of stress, preventing us from ever truly enjoying the beauty and experience of the process itself. Mistakes are necessary, true; however, we should LEARN from them, not be haunted by them. Life should be taken in slowly, in incriments... One day, one hour, one moment and one breath at a time... Each detail savored and appreciated... Each experience (positive or negative) a motivator... Each breath a reminder of just how lucky we are to be a part of something so exquisite. Life should be a positive, inspirational journey... One chalk-full of new ideas, new lessons and new beginnings.

Too often, people are so busy stressing and living for tomorrow that they miss out on the beauty of the here-and-now. We aren't given the gift of immortality... So live while you can. Take the most out of every single experience. Be a better person... Not just because you should be, but because you WANT to be. Give without getting. Help, inspire and appreciate others. Change someone's life. Change your own life. APOLOGIZE. Try something new every day. STOP put things off for tomorrow... Tomorrow is a gift, it isn't promised to us. What we DO have is this moment RIGHT NOW... We have today. Live for it... For "the now"... Live THIS day as if it were your last.

I've drowned in negativity, been barred and held back by past transgressions, held grudges toward bad experiences and the awful people responsible for them... I've allowed my judgment, my moral compass, my view on life to be clouded time and again, only to realize how miserable that made me. I don't want to live life under the constant burden of grief, depression OR regret... Because, honestly, how is that "living" at all? It's not! So why punish oneself by constantly being surrounded by negative situations/people/thoughts/vibes, when there is SO much more to enjoy in this beautiful world?! I'm cutting out the bad and embracing the good. I'm embarking on a journey to self-enlightenment, because I'm going to turn my attitude, my thoughts and my LIFE around.

Come with me... Share my experiences... Share your ideas/thoughts... Turn YOUR life around, one experience at a time. Whether it be doing something kind for a stranger, calling someone you haven't spoken to in years, apologizing for wrong-doings, learning a new skill, taking a spontaneous trip or simply enjoying the beauty and splendor and magic behind a simple rainbow, sunset, kiss, etc... Take time to appreciate EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. Soak up the warm moments, breathe in happiness, absorb and hold onto the moments that take your breath away...

Life IS beautiful. Discover that for yourself.


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