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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Exhaustion and Ataris.

It's 4:11 in the morning.. I'm lying awake. I have to get up in 3 hours.. Less than 3 hours, actually. Insomnia is driving me insane right now..

It takes lying awake, exhausted, unable to fall asleep (and, therefore, escape consciousness), to get legitimate thinking done, it seems. The only time I can truly untangle the mess of thoughts/ideas/confusion in my mind is when sleep is dangling just inches from my grasp. Cruel.. Unnerving.. But, apparently, effective.

Now I'm certainly WAY past exhaustion. All aboard for Dreamland... Next stop--Slumber.

Ataris Lyrics:

"Sneak out of your window, darlin'
Let's live like outlaws, honey
We'll never look back."

"I'm trying to believe in you;
this world sold its fate for parking lots and drunk sincerity."

"I will to you the smell of burning leaves
Rusted windchimes and the feverish glow of fireflies
We were such terrible liars
We were such passionate lovers"

"sometimes you gotta stop and remember
that your not gonna live forever.
be young, think smart, stay true
and just follow your heart."

"today I made you a mix tape
to say exactly how I feel inside
and make you feel it to.
these are the songs that make me smile
and cry myself to sleep at night
when I'm lying without you."

"chasing the sun isn't my kind of fun.
I'd rather sit and catch snowflakes on my tongue.
when summers gone I won't be sad
as you cling on to all the good times that you've had"

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