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To those who I've quoted or borrowed from: Thank you for being beautiful.. for deeply inspiring me in one way or another. I hope you find that I've used your material in an appropriate fashion.. I try always to cite my sources. I take NO credit for that which is not my own.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Make-up Smeared Eyes

"Left your t-shirt in my room, still smells of you
And the picture you hung on the door lay smashed, picture perfect.
Explains now, clearly nothing left but a memory
We only made out you never kissed me that's how I learned to hold back all feeling

Wait, please don't go, I won't stay. All these words on replay. I'm ok, Its alright, good to know that your fine.

Pretending everything is right, to make it better.
I'll hide my make up smeared eyes, to show that I tried.

Some how you have managed to get under my skin, more than anyone ever did.
And if every hole makes a scar and every scar marks its place then I will never live freely without your trace.
And it'll never be fair, I wrote my songs for you and you never even cared.
So I'll forget you, I'll wish your t-shirt, kill the pillow and cut you out of pictures

And this drama filled fest all my fault I guess. But you told me pretending's for the best.
And I held out as far as I could go.. Do you miss me?? Id really like to know.
Your left with a feeling I let go, you are just a feeling I let go."

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