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Monday, April 6, 2009

Don't Wake Me...

...I plan on sleeping in.

(via balsamia)

To wake from the deepest sleep, plucked instantly from the depths of dreamland, can be be utterly and absolutely jarring. To be "awake" and "coherent" in the alternate universe of the most realistic dream can result in chaos and confusion upon ACTUAL awakening. Lead me into tranquility, re-surface the desires of my subconscious, take my hand and guide me along the path(s) of those longings... Then, please proceed to rip me from the scenario, peel away the breathtaking, painted backdrop, and slap me in the face with the cold hand of reality. Several times, at that. Awaken me so that I may try to once again discern truth from fiction.

It's always so repetitive. You put dreams, people, places away in the back of your mind or heart, and you accept things the way that they come. Then, as quickly and easily it is to fall asleep, those "polaroid images" of the past are once again brought to life. There are voices, smells, sounds and places that you had forgotten all about... But dreams have a way of re-surfacing them. Bringing them back to light/life. Driving us absolutely crazy.

Dreamers are both the luckiest and most cursed individuals. They are free to dream far beyond the restraints of what society deems as "acceptable", enlightening them and also condemning them in all sorts of ways. In times where forgetting is the only solution, they are bound to forever remembering, forever wishing, forever struggling with putting the past to rest.

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