I've created & kept this blog to compile the thoughts, dreams and wisdom that I've discovered from others or merely written myself. This blog is, in a sense, an expression of everything that is me.. Whether I wrote it or not. The most recent entries are a series of quotes, lyrics and videos.. But travel back through the archives and you'll delve deep into my heart, through my own words.

To those who I've quoted or borrowed from: Thank you for being beautiful.. for deeply inspiring me in one way or another. I hope you find that I've used your material in an appropriate fashion.. I try always to cite my sources. I take NO credit for that which is not my own.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Build Me Up, Buttercup...

We tend to rely on the behaviors and actions of other individuals to boost our spirits and make us happy. The big mistake in doing so? Giving up our individuality. Not realizing how potentially wonderful it can be to set our own goals and succeed for no one else but ourselves. We honestly can't rely on others to "make" us do ANYTHING. It is ultimately up to each and every one of us to personally see to our own happiness. Being dependent on anyone other than ourselves only broadens the possibility for being let-down. Our minds are capable of harnessing such abundant amounts of positive energy and creativity, but many of us never allow ourselves to take credit for any of it.

Never, ever place the outcome of your own precious happiness in the hands of anyone other than yourself. If you allow someone else to hold sole responsibility for your emotions, you are allowing room for vulnerability, unmet standards and the possibility of heartbreak.

This is absolutely not to say that we can't find happiness in other individuals; on the contrary, it is reminding you not to RELY on that happiness from others to function at our best. The happiness that we gain from other people should be liberating, enlightening and helping.. NOT a crutch to temporarily heal our handicaps.


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog and I just want to say thank you.
because you have a lot of the same views on things as me and it's nice to know not all females are out to act stupid to get guys and actually get their heartbroken from time to time

carissarose. said...

You are absolutely welcome.. and I thank you for reading & commenting. However, you should thank yourself as well.. For NOT being like "all females". When we allow ourselves to be different and to be proud of being different, we are showing our individuality, and that, to me, is so much more rewarding than being like everybody else.