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Friday, March 13, 2009


Soft, white sand under our feet... Our beach has the best sand. In the daytime, it can get scalding hot, but at night, it's cool and soothing. I always love taking people to our ocean for the first time in their life. It's so memorable and amusing. March nights are usually warm with a cool breeze; perfect for wearing a sweatshirt and sitting by the ocean. You have to roll up your pants and take your sneakers off, if you're wearing them, but even then, you'll still have sand in all sorts of places when you leave. That's one thing about our beach.. It doesn't like to get left behind. It likes to go home with you.. Whether in your car, 5 miles away, on the plane, or even states away where you live. Somehow, it's not always an annoying thing, finding smuggled sand; rather, it's romantic and something to treasure. Something to look at and reflect upon the times it saw you through, and the wonderful memories it shared with you.

It's a beautiful place for first dates and first kisses. Just walk down to the ocean and dip your feet in, to test for chilliness. If it's the slightest bit warm, stand there and look up at the sky, taking in the stars and the moment.. Feeling each others hearts beating wildly, out of control. The adrenaline rush from that alone is such a confidence-booster.. Makes a person feel invincible, or like they can walk on the water they are standing in. Walk up the beach a bit, and sit on the cool sand. Get to know one-another, while trying (not very hard) to resist flirtation.. & kissing.. & grinning like a school kid with a playground crush. Stay for hours. If she gets chilly, he'll walk to the car and fetch her his jacket. She'll feel bold and slip off the anklet she wears, placing it on his wrist as a token to remember the night by. The early morning hours are the best to stay until.. The sunset is magical and time comes to a stand-still.. Time doesn't even begin to matter at that precise moment.

No matter how long down the road and how many trips to the beach, to other beaches, there will always be that night. Our beach, in it's splendor, has the capability of trapping you in some of the most majestic moments of your life.


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