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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Words... (by E. McCarley)

Oh dear,
What can I say
I'm high here
Up and spinning away
From a kiss of a thrill to be filled can someone hear me

Love, what do you say?
Your mystery winds me up to be playful
Here goes my curious center with it is someone listening
I hope no one is listening

How do I slow down
I can relay to my heart now
I've thrown what i've known isn't love for me out?
I'm running on empty

Time says it's the end of the day
My inside says for your lips to forget what time says
Do I let go of the fear when you steal the logic around me
Oh god save me I'm trying

I think I'll disappear
Leave my head in the air
For a chance to feel
So far far away from here
I know I can't stay too long
(("lovesick mistake"))

It’s time for you to prove,
Within your ruby shoes
You deserve a smile with no regret,
Look at you
Kicking off your shoes,
Dancing for the world to see,
You got the power to believe,
Open up and see,
And I’ll be free and fly away,

Hello, goodbye
good day, goodnight
you love, you hide
You spring, you fall
turned on, turned off
what's wrong, what's wrong, love?

you say
you don't know, you don't know
you don't know.
you say you don't know
you don't know, you don't know what's on your mind

I'd love to hear you say
anything but silence
you're unaware that I'm so tired
And I've tried to understand
am I the only one cares here?
I can't let you, let you disappear
(("hello goodbye"))

You want me to be the God up in your sky
You want me to be that apple of your eye
So sweet to think you could make you mine
Well, it's not so easy

You want me to feel revival in your touch
You want me to feel everything you're dreaming of
But darling I'm tired, I'm all used up
Oh, it's not so easy, it's not so easy

My love, this is more than I can give
This is more than I can take
My love, I don't wanna let you in
To be another mess to me
I don't trust me with loving you

I wish I could be that diamond you've waited for
Yeah, I do believe when you say you won't take what isn't yours
But if I were you I'd walk right out that back door
It's not that easy, I'm not so easy
(("it's not that easy"))

I separated my heart from my head
To feel out what’s inside
I don’t like what I see so I say
Good night

Don’t wake me cuz I’m dreaming in color
Black and white is not my friend
Candy coded figures only in my bed

I’ve never been so deep inside a shadow
I’ve never been so insecure of what I know

I’ve gotta figure it out
I need a story to tell
Where’s the feeling I long for
I’ve gotta figure it out
Before I lose you love

Big city streets are calling me loud
The busy keeps me high
Well this quiet town is wearing me down tonight

Well I know that I should stay here for a while
Listen to the sound
Of my shaky heart
Looking for gold in the ground
(("gotta figure"))

Face down, on top of your bed.
Oh why did I give it up to you?
Is this how I shoot myself up high,
Just high enough to get through?

Again, the false affection.
Again, we break down inside.
Love save the empty.
Love save the empty, and save me.

Sad boy, you stare up at the sky
When no one's looking back at you.
You wear your every last disguise;
You're flying, then you fall through.

Stars feel like knives,
They tell us why we're fighting.
Storm, wait outside.
Oh, love, hold us together.
(("love save the empty"))

Pitter pat, the angel on my shoulder
Is haunting me tonight
Tick tock, the clock is getting louder
Ready for me to decide

I've lost my sense of right and wrong
Well-justified my soul to carry on
It feels so damn good to write off the rules
But when a new day breaks
I'm left a fool
I'm such a fool

Pain takes my heart's place
But your sweet sweet love,
Oh, I can taste it
But still can't face it

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