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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I faintly remember breathing on your bedroom floor

Where I laid and told you, but you swear you loved me more

We'll go to the bottom of every bottle
The end of theline on every story
Those times we miss, those times we reminisce
Those were the good old days
I hold in heart and cherish. Never forget

The liquors there just to keep you warm.

I know, you know what.
I'll fold, I'll forget.
Will you?

Sometimes the hardest things in life
Are the things we have to do

This is a lovesong for the desperate and the lonely.
You could have nothing but you’ll still have me.

I’m alive but not inside.
And you know all I wanted was your love,
but you left me high and dry.
You’re the part of me that died my darling.

You were the one to gun our love straight down
like a stone in a river.
You shot your favorite enemy.
Watch me bleed.

What good is dreaming when I can't even sleep here?
What good is lying down with no one to hold?
What good is letting go when something won't let me?
What good is saying goodbye now that you're gone?

Baby never calls me now.
She don't need a past to dream about,
living life the way the stars abound.
And who am I to tell her "Pull them down?"
Baby doesn't need a drink.
Lord knows she never stops to think.

It's kind of laughable how life tends to spin us out,
after beating us down like it did before.
It's finally laughable how it rains and it pours again,
I'll just stand here soaking it all in.
Well if this is how life is,
I won't back down from this: anymore.

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Lorelle said...

Aw we're soulmates!! <3