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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Continuing This Lyric Trend...

Hey now, let's be honest
I really think it's true
You know sometimes we all bend the rules
You run with life, you've been around
You love to live to hate this town
And I hope and dream just like you do
Yeah, we've been here twice before
You want it to mean so much more
And I hope that everything goes through
She goes to California, oh California's not so far
When I close my eyes and wonder where you are
And you wish upon a star
Two thousand miles doesn't seem so far...
You play the games you play
You win sometimes you lose
You know sometimes walls run into you
Now you've got me thinking
And I really think it's true
The sun shines sometimes just for you

Is that really you?
Could you be standing there?
Please send a perfect line to catch me in a lie and take me where
I cannot defend what I was trying for...
Or dying for by wishing this would end.
Please don't say anything
'Cause only when my eyes are closed
Do you feel this close to me.
Do you feel scandalous?
Running fingers through my hair.
Knowing inside if I was not there.
You'd be somewhere else.
With somebody else.
Your fell for less.
Just like i fell for you.
It's not who you are--
It's who you know
It's not what you are--
It's just what shows
It's not where you are--
It's who you're with
If's not when you're here--
It's what you've missed

I feel useless, I feel tired
I feel aged and uninspired
This is a curtain call for us all
Then you call my name
At the changing of the guard
This is a curtain call for us all
I understand
Why it is we can't be friends
Turning back the clock won't work, we'll never make it
I understand
Why it is we can't be friends
Or turn back the clock

Can't you see that I'm trying to get through to you?
This door keeps slamming on my hands
I'm thinking about the way you used to be the one who sang to me
Your song keeps playing in my head
Maybe I should write it down
And turn another page
Then just rip it out
There's so much left to say
We live tonight again and again
And it's all I've ever wanted
All I've ever dreamed and more
And I'm sure
That when my friends wake up, we're somewhere in the middle of New York and California
Where are you?
Where are we going to?
I've got wheels on my bedroom floor
And oil in my closet
My best friends all live next door
Do you remember all the things you said?
Turn back another page like I never left
Until I leave again

Tell myself on the ride home.
Getting tired, hating all I've known.
Holding on like it's all I have.
Count me out when it's clear that I
find it hard to say.
And you find it hard to care.
I wanted to see something that's different,
something you said would change in me.
Wanted to be anything different,
everything you would change in me.
Got this way, up front but never true.
God, I'm wrong, it's just the way I am.
Crashing down any chance you'll hear.
Caving in any chance that you,
could see inside of me.
And I, I'll know what to say,
It's fine, this isn't Hollywood.
So fine, getting in your way.

The house is dead by morning, as good as new again
The morning after funeral is coming to it’s end
Smile’s aren’t too tempting and hopes as good as lies
Memories are pain that lost their meaning over time
Just close your eyes, everything will be okay

i spend more time
tracing your face
wearing away my finger prints
you're so far away
we could stay up forever
no one sleeps til my voice finds your ears
your last kiss was something more like shrapnel
tearing through me
i spend more time
speaking through wires
living in circuits
you're so far away

It's the nightlife that gets them off;
So desperately they wait for the excuse of love.
We live like vampires
And we, we, we love like killers;
We all die like infants,
And we trust like mirrors.
It's the smoke and the drinks and the smiles that it brings,
It's the pain and the sex disguised as innocence.
Slow suicide...like it or not, it's what we do.
It's the love of guilt that forms the habit
Of being dramatically over-dramatic.
The songs they sing are in the key
Of the illusion of pain and its irony.
In the midst of lust and dropping names
The drugs they numb and they keep us sane

I used to be a stereotype
Half alive with half open eyes
With a one track mind
And a flawed design
Feeling like I was lost
At sea at only the age of 19
Floating around in alcohol and apathy
Taking in too much caffeine and nicotine
If we make it outta here alive
Just say you won't look back to see
Just who we left behind

My lungs are aching
From the cold from being outside.
And the windows in my car
Have started to fog up.
And it's colder than I remember it ever being in Florida.
My stomach's burning
And the stereo in this car is screaming so loud.
It's 3 a.m.
I'm just starting to wake up.
And it's darker than I remember it ever being in Florida.
The saddest song always plays
On the radio on the coldest days.

I still believe in
Facing all my demons
And everything that people promise
Everything I’ve always wanted
My mouth has been open
My words have been stolen
It may have been used against me
It’s starting to affect me
And now I feel this way
There’s a fine line between
Living a lie and feeling alive
There are times that I’ve been
Looking from the outside in
And here I go again
Falling behind losing my mind
I'm pretending it’s alright
Listening to the soundtrack of my life

I use my credit card to buy alcohol student loan spent at the mall and I
I may be going broke but I’m never broken down
We have our history just you and me but our future gets tucked away
Steps 3 and 4 staying drunk sit on this porch planning out how to escape
Cause were two truck stops off the interstate promised land with a twist of fame
Were a town for all the lost and found

You can lie to yourself and all your friends and pretend that you don't care
But circumstance gets in the way
You have so many opportunities I never had
Don't push so hard, nothing is ever easy
And this talent that you take for granted, it's a gift from god
Don't pass it up, nothing is ever easy
Are you ready to work real hard
Are you tired it's just the start
Listen to me son, I'll take you far
You can call it anything you want the fact remains the same
I never got to be your Fred Astaire

Words divide
Touched down on a southwest runway
Time collides
Shipments that never came
I drank enough
To almost feel at home right here
But not enough to make me disappear
Breaking rules and breaking down
Never thought twice about it

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