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Friday, November 21, 2008


10 Anonymous Things You Want to Say to 10 Different People:
1. I 'm still not sure if you stopped being my friend because you really did get hurt by what i said, or because it was easier to blame things on me than on the person you love and obsess over.

2. There are conversations we had online from almost 2 years ago that I found recently on my computer... I still read them, and I still get mopey. Why did you say what you did, to then just disappear?

3. you were too early in blaming me for things, but in the long run, you were right.

4. Why is it that every time I get close to someone you feel would benefit your life, you have to get even closer??

5. I don't ignore your calls... I just have a lot going on in my own life to deal with, and it's hard enough to do that without everyone else venting and no one listening in return.

6. You hurt me in ways that no one should have to ever go through, you allowed my name and reputation to be dragged through the dirt, you never apologized, and now you continue to surround yourself with our mutual friends and live as though you never did anything wrong... I don't know what to be more mad at: you having a great life, or everyone I call "friend" being nice to you and not defending me.

7. it's funny to me how popular and well-liked you think that you are... when in all reality, most people talk about you behind your back, many think you are a fake slut, and no one knows the REAL deal. those who do are morons, too!

8. being a good friend is about mutual companionship... about talking AND listening. when you turn every situation or story into your own, that's being selfish, and that makes me not want to talk to you.

9. for 5 months, I've texted, I've called, I've messaged... and I've got nothing in return. For no reason, by the way. You've always been great at "disappearing" or at "losing yourself in your head", but be fair to me and give me a damn reason as to why you won't speak to me anymore.

10. sometimes I don't want to talk about everything negative... sometimes I'd like to have a conversation NOT bashing him/them. is that too much to ask for?!?!

9 Things About Yourself:
1. I have a terrible addiction to Grey's Anatomy. I quote it, I download songs that are played in each episode, I relate life experiences to those of the characters on the show... I'm addicted.

2. I want to be on a soap opera. I think that they are hilarious and amazing, and I watch General Hospital and Days of Our Lives, and every time, all I can think is that I want to be a soap opera actress.

3. I don't do ANYTHING until almost, if not at, the very last minute. I've tried to break the habit, but procrastination is the only way I do things.

4. Music is more to me than melodies and lyrics. Music is feelings and memories and times in my life that I will always hold in my heart... It's defining of mostly everything important to me.

5. I only like CERTAIN tattoos. I think obscene, stupid, meaningless ink is ugly and trashy.

6. I'm a blanket/bed/cover hog. Even in a king-sized bed, I'll take up the middle and all of the sheets. Unintentional... But I do it.

7. I'm a writer.. I love to write, and I pick up on misspellings and grammatical errors all the time in everyday life. It's a curse... but I get annoyed about it a lot, mostly in text messages and in conversations. I'm very, very picky.

8. I hate when people don't understand simple words. It might be snobby of me, but I view them as ignorant and uneducated when they can't understand something easy.

9. If I could sleep all of the time, I would. I don't, because I feel lazy and unproductive.

8 Ways to Win my Heart:
1. Confidence. (NOT to be confused with cockiness!)

2. Intelligence & Honesty.

3. Great sense of humor -- Make me laugh!!!

4. Respect for others--ESPECIALLY for women.

5. Spontaneity.

6. Romantic!

7. Make time for me without me asking... Put me first sometimes.

8. Want to spend time with the people in my life, willingly.

7 Things that Cross your Mind Often:
1. Joshua.

2. Steph & the apartment.

3. My dad, mom, siblings, grandparents & my Thunder puppy.

4. the schoolwork I'm putting off...

5. Getting my Associates in May.

6. Money... Jobs... Etc.

7. Memories... lots and lots of them.

6 Things you Wish you Never Did:

2. Random/Wasted hook-ups.

3. Gone to CA.

4. Quit my great money-making job... even though I hated it.

5. Committed to things before I should have.

6. Cared about people who weren't ever there for me.

5 Turn-Offs:
1. Cockiness.

2. Poor hygiene.

3. Inability to hold an intelligent conversation.

4. Burn-outs!!!!!

5. Disrespect for women.

4 Turn-Ons:
1. Nice lips/smile/teeth.

2. Great sense of humor.

3. Brains. MUST have brains.

4. Adventurous/Spontaneous.

3 Smileys that Describe your Life:
1. :-P

2. :-D

3. :-x

2 Things you Want to do Before you Die:
1. Travel... See the world.

2. Marry the man of my dreams.

1 Confession:
1. I've wanted to open my mouth and expose the truth about so many people who have hurt me, to ruin their lives or to hurt them back for what they did to me... But something inside of me always stops me. And unfortunately, I wish I didn't have such strong morals or such a good conscience, because I'd still like to see those people suffer....

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