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Sunday, October 26, 2008


I may be called a "traitor" for not jumping the bandwagon here in Tampa, and to be quite honest, I don't mind much. I've lived in Tampa for over 14 years, and have attended MANY more Rays games than most of the so-called "die-hard fans" that have recently submersed during the 2008 post-series. I've always applauded the Rays, and I still do today! HOWEVER... I am from Boston. Therefore, I DID claim loyalty to the Sox during the ALCS playoff game, which got me called "traitorous", and even a "band-wagon" fan... Seriously!? Yes, the Rays did beat the Sox, and I'm proud to see them go this far. Really, I am! But all the "Sox suck" and "Yankee vs Sox days are OVER!" talk is just a liiiiiitle bit amusing. One World Series experience is definitely not enough to defeat that battle in history. Get it straight next time ya'll jump on the band-wagon yourselves!

So anyway, I've been rooting for the Phillies... I've always loved Philadelphia, and they've put on a pretty great performance during this season.

As if Jayson Werth & Chase Utley aren't representation enough for the smokin'-hot team, look at Cole Hamels. Honestly, Philly, can ya calm it down just a tad?!

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