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Monday, October 13, 2008

abuse is abuse is abuse... simple as that.

verbal abuse and emotional abuse share a key word, something quite terrible... abuse. it doesn't take a genius to recognize that, so why do we continue to allow ourselves to be bashed and degraded, when we know that we don't deserve to be victimized?? and, if we can recognize that we are being treated so poorly, why is it so hard to grasp control of the situation and just bail? are we really even victims if we keep ourselves in such a position? or, are we contributing to the abuse by NOT taking a stand, and by continuing to allow such hurtful treatment to be inflicted on ourselves??

if only it were as easy to think with our heads as it is with our hearts. maybe then we'd respect ourselves enough to run away--to go find the treatment we deserve, instead of simply wishing things would change. wishing is wasteful. so why do we waste so much of our time wishing instead of pursuing and following through on things?

life's little questions have obvious answers. i think that it's easier for some of us to continue taking abuse instead of being alone. pathetic.. i know. but so many of us are still guilty of it.

i'm a coward.

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