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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

(adj.) -

Describes a man or woman who isn't bogged down by commitment or companionship. They may be observed portraying many strange behaviors, such as overly-dressing up to go to the supermarket, acting obnoxiously flirty to get attention, or chasing after flocks of the opposite sex. They are also known to be flighty, if comfortable with their status, or desperate, if they are merely a "poser" in a single person's body. They are either (a) overly concerned with appearance, or (b) flipping the world off as they eat packages of cookie dough and lounging in pajamas all day long. Typically found in bars, clubs, successful businesses, or couches.

ex: "Being single really isn't so bad," said Eric. "I do what I want."*

*(references - Eric Cartman of South Park. Line 12, second sentence.)

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