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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Caroline and I are making a time-machine.

We want to go back a month or two..

Back to when things were completely different.

-Naya hadn't signed up for the marines
-my grades weren't suffering in my classes
-everything was always fun at our complex
-work was exciting
-i hadn't flipped, and things were still "heating up" w/ mn.
-we were all still "new" to the apartment, and getting close
-company was over non-stop

Now, a month later, and everything is pretty much opposite.

Naya leaves for boot camp at 6am on Monday morning...
That's so depressing, and it was worse watching her pack today.
Last night, we had one last family guy marathon.
We took one last midnight Wal-mart shopping trip for random things we don't need.

I need Cali to hurry up and get here already,
so I can be with MN. I need that bad.

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