I've created & kept this blog to compile the thoughts, dreams and wisdom that I've discovered from others or merely written myself. This blog is, in a sense, an expression of everything that is me.. Whether I wrote it or not. The most recent entries are a series of quotes, lyrics and videos.. But travel back through the archives and you'll delve deep into my heart, through my own words.

To those who I've quoted or borrowed from: Thank you for being beautiful.. for deeply inspiring me in one way or another. I hope you find that I've used your material in an appropriate fashion.. I try always to cite my sources. I take NO credit for that which is not my own.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

& I Don't Understand All The Things You've Seen...

"This is to a boy who got inside my head with all the pretty things he did...

((this is because i can spell confusion with a 'K' and i can like it, its to dying in anothers arms and why i had to try it. its to jimmy eat world and those nights in my car, when the first star you see may not be a star, im not your star. isnt that what you said, what you thought this song meant?))

...Did you know I miss you???"

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